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1 max pro heavy duty web spray adhesive 5023 17 oz

1 MAX Pro Heavy Duty Web Spray Adhesive 5023 17 oz
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MAX Professional 5023 Heavy Duty Web Spray Adhesive, WB-005-023 (17 oz)
Great for construction projects & upholsterers where super strength matters. Quick tack with heavy spray pattern. Dries clear and strong. Large, 17 oz. can.
Max Professional Hi-Stength Spray Adhesive provides a permanent or repositionable bond on a wide variety of materials. It dries clear while forming a heat and water-resistant bond. Will not bleed through, wrinkle or curl paper.
RECOMMENDED FOR: Foams Fabrics Cardboard Canvas Carpet Foils Photos Paper Plastics Felt Leather Metals Wood Rubber Cork Glass Films Fiberglass Tissue Paper Collages Ceramics Balsa Wood Styrofoam Displays Photo composition Layouts Trims Jute Pads Kick Pads Wood Latex Foams Polyurethane Foams Styrene Board Drywall Particle Board Laminate Insulation Polyethylene Film PVC Drywall Trim HVAC Duct Liner
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1 max pro heavy duty web spray adhesive 5023 17 oz