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2-pc locking stainless anti-wicking soldering tweezer

Anti-Wicking Cross-Locking Tweezer 2-Piece Set !
Stainless Steel with Precision Ground Tips !
"L" & "T" Tips - Both Factory New !
ITEM DESCRIPTION: 2-Piece Anti-Wicking Locking Tweezer Set. These Tweezers are made with STAINLESS STEEL bodies. Two tips - "L" and "T" tips each for different jobs. These self-locking tweezers have been used in the electrical industry for years to hold wires and small parts while soldering. They are also incredibly handy for holding wire, brass parts, etc. when soldering for model makers, miniaturists, electronic hobbyists, jewelers etc. Use them for positioning, soldering, gluing, adjusting...any type of mini-manipulation. All tools are FACTORY NEW.
* Stainless steel alloy resists solder wicking for clean joints
* Heads are machined to precise tolerances for positive contact and maximum thermal conduction
* L-head for best visibility
* T-head or straight head for best grip on conductor while supporting insulation
* 5-3/4" Long overall; edge length: 5/32", edge depth: 1/8"
PLEASE NOTE: Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when working with tools and equipment.
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2-pc locking stainless anti-wicking soldering tweezer