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Telog r-2105 type j thermocouple recorder

Telog s R-2100 series data recorders are rugged, battery operated solid state recording instruments intended to monitor sensors or instruments in industrial and outdoor environments. The R-2100 recorders replace the traditional circular chart recorders. They offer computer compatible data, improved reliability, reduced maintenance, environmental adaptability and significantly lower installed and lifetime operating costs.
Signals monitored by these recording instruments are stored in memory for transfer to the user s computer for display, data archiving and report generation. R-2100 recorders are weather resistant and can be placed wherever the sensors are located. Extended life, user replaceable lithium batteries reduce site maintenance. When external power is available, the internal batteries provide back-up power to maintain uninterrupted data recording.
The R-2105 thermocouple recorder interfaces directly with 2-wire thermocouple sensors and performs automatic cold-junction compensation and linearization of the T/C signal. The recorder converts the measurements to a series of amplitude data values for long-term storage.
Nice used condition. Just taken from working service.
Telog r-2105 type j thermocouple recorder