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50KW st generator head 1 phase for diesel & gas engine

50KW ST Generator Head 1 Phase for Diesel & Gas Engine
* 50,000 watts continuous, surge rating approximately 10% of rated output
* 4-pole 1800 RPM generator for 60Hz
* Bearings are packed with high temperature grease
* Diesel engine requirement approximately 72HP
* Gasoline engine requirement is approximately 100HP
* Series wiring provides 240Volts at 208 amps (provides the ability to center tap to get 120VAC at the same time)
* Parallel wiring provides 120Volts at 416 amps (120VAC only)
* Comes with the operations manual
* Bearings can support vertical installations
* The winner needs to send the following information promptly to ensure a speedy delivery (all information is required by the freight company and the process can not be started without it):
* Delivery type, i.e.... to a busines with/without dock/forklift, residence with/without liftgate, or pick up at the nearest carrier (truck) terminal
* If delivery is to a business, the business name:
* Telephone number where you can be contacted:
* To a business without dock/forklift and give the business ZIP
* To a residence with/without liftgate and give your home ZIP
* Local pickup is OK with prior arrangements and there is no charge for this
****Please note that the least expensive delivery will be to a business or pick up at carrier terminal. If all pertinent information is not given it will delay in getting the quote.****
* One year warranty on parts only
* Unit must be in orginal crate/case and in condition for resale
* Must be returned in 14 working days
* There will be a 20% restocking fee
* All parts and manuals must be with the unit
* We must be notified of any problems within 7 calendar days
* We must be given an opportunity to correct any problem
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We also carry rectifiers, bearings, brushes, and fans.
50KW st generator head 1 phase for diesel & gas engine