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Best of show 6+ serama hatching eggs tiny true type a++

Some of the very best birds out there. This line I have created has Fantastic Genetics. These are the only chickens I raise.
These birds are my hobby. I had unlimited funds to start this line, and I got eggs from all over the USA.
My goal was to reach 100 breeders with this line. I am happy to say we have reached over that now.
I know a little bit about these bird's that's why I have these Tips posted, there is so much more to lean about Serama's.
Very nice award winning BEST OF SHOW 6+ pure Serama Hatching eggs.
Just look at the photos and compare what's out there. Please research these birds before you ask questions. I am glad to share info.
If You want the Best this line of birds is proven AWARD WINNERS.
The only reason these are available is the incubators are full right now .
These are very TINY birds A and B parent stock is from 6 bloodlines. I started with eggs from 17 breeders with over $500 spent on eggs years ago.
We have worked very hard to produce this line, and are very pleased with the results.
We hope you will like them also and include these birds into your breeding flocks, to continue to improve the Serama line.
Some eggs are the size of a quarter. These are the TRUE MALYSIAN STRAIN they hatch by 19 days,
Color combinations mottled, buff, white, bbr, and some with markings like a pheasant.
These birds are up on wire have been TESTED and are VERY HEALTHY and NEVER had DISEASE.
I feed FRESH GREENS from my organic garden in addition to supplements and feed. I raise these in a labratory enviroment.
My family has raised birds before I was born and has held some WORLD RECORDS for poultry.
I have raised birds my whole life and these are my favorite.
With these birds you can have menagerie of birds and all be the same type.
There are over 2,500 CONFIRMED COLORS combinations in Serama's. That's confirmed colors,
I'm sure there is a lot more as each bird is different
In our flock I am breeding for TYPE, COLORS and SMALL SIZE .
We have bbr, mottled, wheaton, white and combinations.
You can see more PICTURES at http:// /ims/album.php?u_id=502uOTWQ please join and post your photos.
If you love Serama's you are WELCOME TO JOIN AND POST PHOTOS or just look at the picture's.
We can not be responsible for eggs after they leave us because of to many factors, P.O. incubating errors, etc.
You will get the best packaging for eggs out there see TIP 12.
Tips #1 Notice the photo with the chicks, there are rocks and marbles in waterer it will PREVENT DROWNING!
Any of you, myself included who have had a chick drown this tip will save some chicks.
If it saves even 1 chick out there it's worth it!
bubble wrap it can SUFFOCATE the embryo.
Tips #3 A pure Asian Serama chick hatches in 19 DAYS it has been living off the egg during it's incubation.
The most natural food to start chicks on is mashed hard boiled eggs and game bird starter.
Tips #4 I feed non medicated game bird starter. I believe if your birds are healthy there is no need for medication.
Save the antibiotics for when or if you ever need it. Our birds have never had disease.
If you have had problems with past birds and disease is present in your flocks then use medicated feed,
Tips #5 When building a coop, chicken wire is not good enough you need at least 1/2 inch WELDED WIRE.
I have talked to many growers who have had problems with predators getting in thru chicken wire,
also the smaller welded wire will keep wild birds out which is important with PREVENTING AVIAN FLU.
Tips #6 Seramas are closer to the true asian strain of chickens (see red jungle fowl) coming from a tropical climate.
Temperatures for HATCHING 101-103 DEGREES are higher temperatures than common domestic chickens.
HUMIDITY SHOULD BE AROUND 40-50% they will HATCH IN 19 DAYS thats 2 days earlier than
domestic birds @ 21 days. I have had my line hatch as early as 17 days.
Tips #7 Keeping the Standard for TYPE you need to cull birds from your breeding program that do not fit the
TYPE for Seramas. If inferior birds are allowed into breeding flocks you will be going backwards instead of
Ahead. Cull, cull, cull. Now culling doesn't mean you have to kill your birds just exclude them from your
Your chances of producing CHAMPION BIRDS increases ten fold.
Tips #9 I like to use non-slip rubber shelf liners for the mat that I start chicks on it keep them from getting splayed legs from
Slipping on a slick surface. Just wash them when dirty and replace, you can use them over and over.
Tips #10 Clean nest boxes and brooder boxes this tip works well for me. Take a newspaper and seperate the pages until
you get and inch or 2 Stack. Build a nest box to fit the paper. When its dirty just remove a sheet and you will have
a fresh clean nest box. Put the dirty paper in your compost pile or bury in your garden. FREE FERTILIZER!
Tips#11 I have been grinding up my feed for new chicks in my electric coffee mill. It reduces wasted feed and is easier for
the chicks to digest. I also get some feed from the adult birds that has a few dried droppings and grid it also. It
sounds gross but it helps get the new birds digestive system in order.
broken egg. You have to pack them right! First don't wrap them in bubble wrap or plastic it kills the eggs! Second
don't leave them loose in the box to bounce and break killing the embryo! I am going to give you all my system
that works. First eggs need to breath use paper,sawdust, egg cartons which were designed to keep eggs from
breaking. O.K. hear we go get a #7 priority box smaller boxes won't do they don't protect from temperature
extremes. When you tape your box leave tape off the corners you will have air holes that way. Get some
newspaper take 9 full sheets and ball them up this will be your cushion put in bottom of box. Take 1 paper egg
carton shred newspaper and pack into the holes. Gently place your eggs in pointed size down. Shred some more
paper and cover your eggs, shred some more and put inside your lid. Gently close, it should be bulging with
paper you want the paper to compress the eggs so they don't move. Trim excess paper with scissors let it fall in
the box put tape around your egg carton just twice you want it to breath. Your egg carton should be bulging
place it on your 9 balls of paper in your box. Have the carton going corner to corner. Put a ball of newspaper in
each corner between the box and the egg carton, pack the rest of the box with balls of paper put some extra in.
When you close it it should bulge you want to compress it. Tape it be sure not to tape your corners remember
you want air. Now time to mark it put arrows all around the 4 sides pointing up and mark UP by each one on
each side mark LIVE EGGS. On top mark
If you do this you won't have broken eggs or dead eggs from moving inside the box. You worked hard to
tired of broken eggs and deserve better. If you've bought as many eggs as I have $700+ and counting, $500+ just on this line,you
I hope these tips are helpful, if you have tips I would be glad to hear about them. THANK YOU!!!
Thanks to everyone who has got hatching eggs and the great birds from us that we have
January 2010 We have sold out of birds again!!!!
Best of show 6+ serama hatching eggs tiny true type a++