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Gorgeous baby store website business for sale

"Get Your Hands On A Fully Automated, Multiple Income Web Business Today!"
This is your chance to make money with your very own website business. You can start taking orders in just 20 minutes from now...
www.mybabymart.info (click to see demo)
This Is The Perfect Web Business Opportunity!
This very lucrative website business is fully automated. You don't have to do any maintenance whatsoever.
All the products and content are 100% self-updating. It takes less than 2 minutes to modify the affiliate links, so that every sale puts money directly into your bank account. Guranteed!!
The Domain Is Keyword Rich - You'll Get Lots Of Searches Per Month!
Recover Your Investment Immediately!
"Earn Money From This Website No Matter Where In The World You Live!"
mybabymart.info is a keyword rich domain name and is thoroughly researched. You get maximum exposure from the search engines.
The income potential in this particular niche are endless. Top earners make well over six figures each year from these kinds of products. And you can too.
Promoting this site can take as little as 15 minutes each day. A full guide on promotion is included in this purchase.
You earn money from multiple affiliate programs, Google adsense and the sale of digital information products.
"It Has Never Been Easier to Earn Money from the Internet"
Hundreds of people from around the world and from all walks of life are using the power of the internet to make money with affiliate programs. With this website business, you get the opportunity to make money from the thousands of products which are bought every single day within your niche.
In 2008 over 875 million people shopped online and that number is expected to grow by at least 40% in the next 2 years. This means that now is the perfect time to tap into this booming business opportunity.
This website business you are about to get your hands on is in a proven and profitable niche. You can drive both online and offline traffic to this website to maximise your income.
You Get All These Built Into This Website...
You can add as many sources of revenue as you want. There is no limit to the type and source of revenue streams that you can add to this website.
* The products sold on this site are 100% auto-updated. You don't have to lift a finger
* The Admin area is so easy to navigate, even a child could do it. Seriously!
* The site comes fully configured. No need to set anything up; all you have to do is spend a few minutes a day promoting it.
* All products are self-updating
* New products are added automatically
* Website content is added automatically each day
The search engines, especially Google loves new and fresh content. This website comes configured with self-updating content. There is no need for you to slave away updating the site. This means you get more time to do the things you want to do.
"You Get A Whopping Four (4) Income Streams!"
Income stream # 1: The Number 1 Ranking Amazon Associates program
This will be the biggest part of your website business. You get up to 15% commission on products promoted through Amazon.
The web store you'll get will have a payout structure starting at 4% and ranging up to 7%. You can maximise the revenue you earn by increasing the number and types of product you sell on the site.
The screenshot below shows the typical earnings from promoting in demand products in your particular niche...
Income stream #2: Google Adsense
The visitors in this particular niche are very passionate about their subject, so you can expect massive clicks on the strategically placed adsense blocks placed on all pages of the site.
The money you make from adsense each day can ensure you don't market any other aspect of the site. Adsense is that powerful.
Take a look below at the cost per click based on your niche...
If you receieve just 200 clicks each day on a $3.00 per click keyword, thats a whopping $60 (600x10%) earned every day through adsense. Thats a monthly earnings of $1860. Google will send your check once a month like clockwork.
Income stream #3: Clickbank.com
The screenshot below shows a selection of the products that will be available in your digital store...
The typical commission from these ebooks is about $20.
If you only sell 2 of these everyday, you'll earn $40 x 31 = $1240 per month.
Income stream #4: Newsroom.com Video Cash
This income stream will blow your socks off! On the video news page are a selection of videos relative to your niche. Everytime a visitor visits that page and watches a video, you'll get paid.
Expect this income stream to put at least $300 a month into your pocket.
A Valuable Domain Name: www.mybabymart.info (click to see site demo)
Swift domain appraisals has valued this domain at the low end of $11,000. You can see the a copy of the appraisal below:
The domain is registered with Namecheap.com and transfer is 100% FREE. All you have to provide is your namecheap account details and we'll transfer the domain for you. If you don'y have a namecheap account, you can sign up for one, completely FREE of charge.
You get our support with this site for as long as you need it. We'll be available to guide and support you in getting your site earning as quickly as possible. We'll also offer ongoing support and guidance to market your site as long as you need it. We'll be on hand via email, Skype, and telephone.
No Headache, No Hassle Full Setup:
Full Guidance On Hosting Setup:
Web Hosting is going to be one crucial aspect of your business and should be setup correctly from the 'get-go'. We put together a comprehensive easy to follow setup guide, with the best recommendations you could ever receive. With this easy to follow pdf, you'll have your hosting account setup in no time. Guaranteed!!
The E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset:
This explosive guide will take inside the minds of a select group of the most successful people online. Learn what it takes to make the big bucks online, now and well beyond into the future.
Did you know that 96.5% of people are broke because they don't understand the fundamentals of money? Well this guide will take you by the hand and teach you the hidden secrets of money.
Discover the secrets to making a full time living on the Internet. Inside you'll learn the deadly mistakes to avoid, to ensure your survival online.
Web 2.0 or social networking is making ordinary people around the world, millions of dollars each year. Inside you'll get the hidden secrets of unlocking huge profits, using Web 2.0 sites.
Super Affiliate Marketing Edges:
Discover how to sky-rocket your income from your affiliate business with this comprehensive and ground breaking guide. This one is worth its weight in gold.
Q: I don't live in the US, can I still make money from this website.
Q: What exactly is the No Headache, No Hassle setup package?
Q. What sort of support will I get, I know nothing about setting up a website.
A. Don't worry about anything! We have designed a system that will ensure that even the most computer illiterate of persons can get started. You'll get clear and simple video tutorials to help you get started. Everything is laid out in simple steps. But, for those who can't cope at all; we offer full support over Skype, MSN and telephone. You get our support for life. You'll not be left alone to struggle in getting started. That's our promise.
Q. What about the promotion of the site, will you help with that?
A. We'll make sure that you get top notch guidance in promoting your new business. We have selected some of the most sought after and effective promotional guides on the internet. Promoting your site will be a breeze with the guidance you'll get. That's a guarantee.
Gorgeous baby store website business for sale