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Scigene robbins scientific hybridization incubator 400

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Standard Relist: True | Size: 40x48x28 Weight: 123 | MGR: Octavio | Start: $0.00 | BIN: $499.96 | Type: Fixed Price
# Quality Crafted for Durability and Performance
# Precisely Controlled Mixing Rotation for Efficient Hybridization
# Airtight and Watertight Environment
# Stainless Steel Interior is Constructed without Seams Along the Bottom to Prevent Solution Leakage
The Model 400 Hybridization Incubator is uniquely designed with a passive heating system to provide precisely controlled temperatures within the incubator chamber. Sturdy rubber strips with embedded heating wires surround and heat the stainless steel chamber. The resulting warm air within the chamber is then circulated through movement of the rotator to ensure temperature uniformity. A precision controller regulates the temperature to 0.10 C and displays both set and actual temperatures simultaneously. Lastly, an external jack connected to a probe within the chamber can be attached to a digital thermometer for temperature calibration and instrument certification.
Special attention has been given to the design of the incubator chamber and door to ensure an airtight and watertight environment. The completely stainless steel interior is constructed without seams along the bottom to prevent solution leakage in the event of a spill. A removable stainless steel pan is also provided for easy cleanup of minor spills. The heavy duty, dual paned, tempered glass door has a seamless, rubber gasket and levered latching system to prevent the escape of heated air from the chamber. As an added safety feature, all SciGene incubators come with thick-walled, borosilicate glass tubes that resist breakage and provide effective radioisotope shielding. A specially designed cap made of extremely durable PBT plastic with an integral silicone o-ring provides a reliable, long-lasting seal.
Scigene robbins scientific hybridization incubator 400