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Agilent hp 8153A 81532A 81525A 81533B 81000KA system

* 81532A Optical Sensor Module
* 81000KA SC Interface Adapter
The HP 8153A is a flexible, multi-purpose tool, which will measure all your basic fiber optic parameters. With its plug-in sources, power sensors and return loss modules, it easily adapts to your changing measurement requirements. Its unprecedented and traceable performance lets you characterize your devices more precisely and repeatably than before. This system has the following features:
* 2.2 % absolute power accuracy
* 450nm to 1700nm wavelength range
* +27dBm to -110dBm power range
* 0.003dB laser source power stability
* 20ms minimum averaging time
* Built-in memory for 500 measurement values/channel
* Selectable data averaging time: 20ms to 60min
* Selectable total data aquisition time: 20ms to 99:59:59h
* Memory: 500 measurement results/channel
* Resolution: 0.001dBm/dB, 0.01pW best case (0.0001dBm/dB on print out
The 81533B Interface Module operates with the 815xx optical heads in the 8153X, 8163X, and 8164X mainframes.
The 81532A Optical Sensor has the following specifications:
* Wavelength Range: 800 to 1700 nm
* Power Range: +3 to -110 dBm
The optical head has the following specifications:
* Sensor Element: InGaAs, 5 mm
* Wavelength Range: 800-1650 nm
* Power Range: + 27 to -70 dBm
* Display Resolution: 0.001 dBm. 100 pW
* Applicable Fiber Type: Parallel beam, 9/125 um to 100/140 um, NA < 0.3
It has an 81000KA SC Interface Adapter. It can be traded out for either the 81000FA or the 81003LA.
Agilent hp 8153A 81532A 81525A 81533B 81000KA system