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Hix HG3612 gas conveyor dryer price reduced

Price Reduced From $14,000.00 to $9,895.00
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The HIX HG-3612 is the most energy efficient gas convection-air conveyor dryer on the market today. The 36" x 12' belt/chamber configuration features and 85,000 BTU burner that tops out at 400 degrees. Equipped with a single speed air system this dryer eliminates harmful fumes from cured inks and substrates while efficiently recirculating oven chamber heat to improve efficiency.
Six foot long oven chamber with 1 foot fume hoods on each end.
Electrical Requirement - 220 Volt / Single Phase / 5 Amps Gas Requirement - 4.5" to 10" Water Column Pressure Input
Drying times are easily set with an analog belt speed controller which works in conjunction with the digital temperature controller which allows the temperature to stay within a 5 degree set point range. Safety switches control temperature, combustion recirculation and exhaust to allow for continuous worry free operation. Built for easy maintenance the 3612 filters are easily accessible for cleaning after removing top accessible panels.
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Hix HG3612 gas conveyor dryer price reduced