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Lot (75) 3.5 mm miniature phone stereo switched jacks

Only SEVEN lots of SEVENTY FIVE available!
We just bought out a long time Phoenix surplus electronics distributor. All of these parts are
absolutely "as new", most are aerospace quality, and most are leading traditional American
brands. The bulk of the items are unused production overstock. Offered items are not ROHS
Offered here are lots of 75 miniature pc mount phone switched stereo jacks. These are most
often used in switching from stereo speakers to a stereo headphone. Normal distributor
Unit accepts standard miniature 3.5 mm stereo plug and measures a half inch square by
a quarter high. There are five terminals: One common, left input, switched left output,
left input, and switched left output. Intended for thru hole normal pc board mounting.
But could be glued and direct wired.
Markings include JVE TA1 and five molded pin numbers. Appears to be a
Received by us in absolutely "as new" clean and unused as loose distributor stock
Guaranteed usable. May include very minor cosmetics. Count may be approximate.
for the first lot of 75 and $1.00 extra for each additional lot of 75. AZ residents add 8.1% sales tax.
Lot (75) 3.5 mm miniature phone stereo switched jacks