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Thermo tech non-contact infrared digital thermometer

Thermo Tech Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer
Non-Contact Infrared DigitalThermometer
NEW PRO SERIES w/ Adjustable Emissivity For Extreme Accuracy & Ultra Wide Temperature Range
Just press the trigger and know the temperature of virtually anything you point the laser at even at a distance. Perfect for maintenance industry, food preparation, horticulture, HVAC, construction, mechanics, medical, animal care and much more.
Adjustable emissivity allows it to be calibrated to match hundreds of materials such as skin, water, metal, ice & more.
Extra bright lasers allows user
* Advanced High/Low Temperature Alarm Modes.
* Temperature Differential Min/Max Averaging.
* Scan, Hold & Store C/ F Selected Data.
* Single point laser sighting for greater accuracy.
* Emissivity: 0.1 - 1.0 ( 0.95 pre set)
* Large 1-1/2" LCD Screen w/ Instant Real-Time Temperature
* Battery Level Indicator: Full Range.
* Auto Power-off for long battery life.
* Temperature Range: -76 to +1610 F (-60 to +876 C.)
* Accuracy: +/- 4 F (2 C) or +/- 2% of Reading.
* Power Source: Standard 9 Volt Battery (Battery Included).
External 36" K-TypeTemperature Probe.
Probe plugs in to the side of thermometer for an added range
of functionality. It works on direct contact with substance or
surface to be measured. Probe has a Temperature Range of
-58 to +448 F / -50 to +250 C.
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Thermo tech non-contact infrared digital thermometer