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Vacu form machine formech 450

I bought this machine 7 years ago for $8000 from formech in England . It is in like new shape. The Formech 450 is a floor standing machine with a large size forming area, making it ideal for schools, colleges and universities offering courses in art and design, model making, engineering and polymer research.18" X 18" FORMING AREA
The three zone controls incorporated into this machine offer the operator greater heating control and accuracy by allowing adjustments to be made to the heating thermostats. This helps when forming plastics which have a tendency to heat unevenly and also when forming difficult moulds, on which the plastic webs or creases. By reducing the heat emitted in specific zones (the problem areas), difficulties can often be overcome.
Careful use of the zone controls can also help in making the machine more economical to run.
When using a reducing window, heat is not required in the redundant parts of the forming area. The zone controls can be turned off in these areas, helping to reduce running costs.
The 450 can be supplied with the two different sizes of reducing window; 150mm square or 300mm square, allowing for off-cuts to be used.
Vacu form machine formech 450