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Watkins johnson wj-8618B vhf/uhf receiver/display work

Watkins Johnson WJ-8618B VHF UHF Receiver 20 MHZ to 1.1 GHZ. Receiver and display work.
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The receiver does tune from 20 MHZ to 1100 MHZ. Someone must have upgraded it as the FE is not marked on the options sticker on the back of the receiver.
There is only one thing on this receiver that I have found not to be working. It is Ant 2 input. It is probably the RF diode used in the RF switch. Ant 1 input works fine. Most users only need one antenna input. When I pressed the Scan button the display started to step through the frequencies. That s all I did to check the scan mode. I have used the receiver to listen to narrow and wide band FM stations. It also works well for listening to aircraft transmissions and CBers. The only connections I checked on the back were the antenna inputs and audio out. I listened to the receiver by using the headset jack. The store and recall buttons do save recall receiver settings. Notice in the pictures the battery does have some corrosion. The battery must still be working (at least to some extent) as I had the receiver off for 5 hours and it retained the settings. The spectral display shows some of the FM stations in the Baltimore area. The receiver was tuned to 102.7 MHZ.
Notice in the pictures one handle is missing on the rear of the receiver.
It is unknown if the receiver is in need of alignment/calibration.
Watkins johnson wj-8618B vhf/uhf receiver/display work