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Whatman nitrogen membrane generator 15 lpm N2-15

* Recommended and Certified by All Major LC/MS Instrument Manufacturers
These membrane generators are designed to supply single or multiple LC/MS instruments with dry nitrogen at purities of 99.0 99.5%. Generators can also be used for solvent evaporation or analytical instruments. Installation requires a minimum of 60psig of compressed air to a 63.5mm (1/4") or 127mm (1/2") inlet connection. The outlet nitrogen supply is then directed to analytical instruments. The generators require no electrical connections and the only maintenance required is to change the prefilters periodically.
Unit is in great working condition...it was removed from service in excellent working order.
Nitrogen Purity (at 15 lpm) 99%
Maximum Outlet Pressure 7 barg
Hydrocarbon Content <2 ppm (excluding Methane)
Min/Max Ambient Temperature 16 C/32 C
Electrical Requirements 220VAC/50 Hz, 20 Amps minimum rating
The Parker Balston or Whatman N2-15 is a self-contained membrane nitrogen generator that produces LC/MS grade nitrogen with pressures up to 7 barg. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of compressor, filtration and membrane separation technologies. High and low pressure compressors filtered by high efficiency coalescing filters remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron. Hollow fibre membranes subsequently separate the clean air into a concentrated nitrogen stream and an oxygen enriched permeate stream, which is vented from the system. The combination of these technologies produces a continuous on-demand supply of pure nitrogen.
Additional applications include: nebulizer gas, chemical and solvent evaporation, instrument purge and supply, evaporative light scattering detector use (HPLC) and sparging.
Whatman's analytical nitrogen gas generators are recommended and used by all the major LC/MS instrument manufacturers.
Paybacks on the nitrogen systems typically range from six months up to two years.
Whatman nitrogen membrane generator 15 lpm N2-15