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Misting fog nozzle - brass

A Misting system works by forcing high pressure water via a brass and stainless steel mist nozzle that has an orifice of about 50 micrometers, thereby producing a fine mist. The water droplets that create the mist are so small that they evaporate very rapidly. Evaporation can reduce the surrounding air temperature by as much as 35 F (20 C) in just seconds!
For patio systems, it is ideal to mount the mist line approximately 8 to 10 feet above the ground for optimum cooling. Misting is used for many different applications, including orchids, pets, livestock, kennels, insect control, odor control, zoos, veterinary clinics, produce cooling, greenhouses, etc.
This misting nozzle is designed to work well with a standard domestic water pressure ( from 4 kG/cm2 or 60PSI) and produce mist at a rate of 100g per minute or 6 liters in one hour.
Our Fog nozzles are designed to accomplish an extremely high emission velocity with a low flow rate. This ability allows for the atomization of liquids into aerosol particles of micron size that are dispersed evenly into the environment throughout the working pressure range. The nozzles' ability for better atomization, effectively evaporates their output even in climates with fairly high relative humidity. All of nozzles' orifices and inner components are made of stainless steel 303
Ideal for Direct Pipe Insertion
This misting nozzle can be installed directly into rigid piping or tubing of almost any size providing there is adequate wall thickness.
Therefore no extra fittings = lower installation costs
Nozzle Size : Diameter 10 mm , orifice from 0.2 to 0.4 (provide you preference as the price is same)
For extra $10 you may have stainless steel version.
re: picture shown magnified item since nozzle is tiny, fit into tight spaces
Misting fog nozzle - brass