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Toastmaster stainless steel 4 drawer warmer

ToastMaster Stainless Steel 4 Drawer WarmerHot-Food Server
ToastMaster 4 Drawer Hot-Food Server/Warmer
Approximate Overall Exterior Dimensions:
Approximate Inside of Drawers Measurements:
Stainless Steel exterior over steel frame
Cosmetically this ToastMaster Warmer is in very good condition with minor dimples, dings and small stains within recessed handle areas
The drawers open and close easily, latching when closed; the temperature selection knob and above drawer mositure selectors all turn to various settings; the top drawer 'hot/cold' tab is missing the pin.
The specs on the pull-out information plate says 230V, and this warmer will have a new 220V, 15A, plug end tomorrow, 5-11-10. Today the warmer was tested with the correct voltage and amperage and the 250*F temperature was achieved easily; the oven got nice and hot inside as it is supposed too and stayed there for all the time during testing. Even after testing, with the temperature knob turned down to '0', the oven remained hot inside for quite some time.
According to the professional electrician doing the testing today, because this warmer is a 220V machine, it is more energy efficient than the 110V models.
Photos of the new end and the thermometer readings will be posted tomorrow, 5-11-10.
The thermostatic click could be heard when turning the temperature control knob up to a higher setting, as should be heard. The warmer was briefly cleaned, but can always use more, it is quite a gook looking machine.
See photos for further description
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Toastmaster stainless steel 4 drawer warmer