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Voice activated pen recorder digital audio recording

VOICE ACTIVATED PEN RECORDER digital audio recording
Voice Activated Digital Recorder Pen
Download Audio Files To PC Via USB
The New MemoQ USB: Inside this fully functional ink pen is a great voice activated digital recorder with 18 Hours of recording time. This slim easy to use pen voice recorder is packed full of features; long record time, easy to use, USB download and a rechargeable battery. A slim voice recorder to help store all kinds of important files, such as lectures or meetings. The pen works too and takes standard ink refills available at most stationary stores.
Voice Activation Mode: Long pauses or "dead air" on recordings just use up memory and are irritating on playback. The unit automatically begins recording the instant it hears voice and stops when conversation ceases. The process continues until you click the recorder off. If you prefer, you can simply record continuously in manual mode.
Easy To Use: No tiny buttons, annoying beeps, or distracting lights to confuse you while you are trying to concentrate on your important notes. In fact, the one button control allows you to instantly capture your thoughts quickly and effortlessly. Simply slide the pocket clip down to record, and up to stop. All the other controls are on the remote control instead of cluttering up the pen (see below). Note: The remote is not normally connected to the pen when recording. The simple stylish design eliminates unintentional activation. Keep the "MemoQ" handy day and night, (it's even easy to use in the dark) whenever a great idea strikes! Also great for recording interviews and business meetings, making sure you capture every detail.
Rechargeable Battery: The "MemoQ" recharges in 4 hours simply by plugging in the included USB charger cable. A single charge powers unit for 10 hours of recording or 8 hours of playback.
Playback Options: Either listen from the included earphone with the wired remote control, or download to your PC via the USB connection. Note: The remote is not normally attached while the pen is being used to record. You can also upload audio files from your PC to the Pen and listen to them on the go.
Automatic Recording Level Control
Rechargeable Battery (Built-in Charger)
Battery Life Record 10hrs - Playback 8hrs
3 Recording Mode (HQ/SP/LP)
Recording Time: HQ 4.5hrs, SP 9hrs, LP 18hrs (128MB)
Auto Scan First, Last File Search
Auto Power Off Mode (Will Not Disable Voice Activated Recording)
USB 2.0 UP/Down Load (Windows ME thru Vista)
This Great Pen Recorder Is ALSO Available In A 256MB / 36 Hour Model. TWICE The Memory! Click Here To See It.
Voice activated pen recorder digital audio recording