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Ademco 6220P security system parallel printer

Ademco 6220P Parallel Printer For Central Station Receivers
On site printing has never been more practical. ADEMCO s 6220 seriesof security system printers are a perfect complement to your fire- burglary or accesscontrol systems. These printers are feature-rich yet compact-simple to operate and costeffective.
Practicability is key to ADEMCO- there is no need to worry about thermalpaper -ADEMCO s 6220 series of printers use off-the-shelf adding machine paper.
The 6220 Series printers install quickly. Their small footprint allowsfor easy placement on any surface-no fancy printer stands are required. A handy wall mountbracket is supplied for convenient mounting of the printer next to the control cabinet.Simply connect the printer to the control s serial or parallel port (cable notincluded)-plug in the wall mount transformer-turn on power and you re done. A4100SMModule (including cable) is required for use with ADEMCO VISTA controls
* Burglary-fire and access control
* Portable for keeping service/inspection records
* Printing of programming/setup
* Permanent audit trail/records
* System test and inspection
* Works with any product with a RS232 or parallel port
* Automotive diagnostic results
- Wide range of BAUD rates-(***)-600-1200-2400-4800-9600-19-200
- RS-232C: -9 volts to +9 volts
- Parallel: 0 volts to 5 volts
- ASCII character set - 10 bits per character required-7 or 8 of which are data bits
- Bitmapped graphics - 10 bits per character required-8 of which are data bits
- Busy signal-Clear to Send (CTS)
Buffer capacity: 9.5K standard
- Full column width character buffering is provided for line character buffer. The printer stores 500 characters while printing to free up the host or sending device.
- Print method - Impact dot matrix
- 6 x 8 dot matrix characters per line: 24-32 or 40 selectable
- 24 column: 12.8 characters/inch
- 32 column: 17 characters/inch
- 40 column: 21 characters/inch
- When data exceeds the line capacity-it automatically wraps around.
- 7.6 lines per inch, character mode
- 9.1 lines per inch, graphic mode
- 38 lines per minute (24-column)
- 60 lines per minute when configured from fast print (5 x 5 character matrix)
- Standard: 2.25W x 2.75D,0.44 i.d. adding machine
- Supports 2 part carbonless paper
- 1 watt (idle)-10 watts (printing)
- 9 VAC (120 VAC stepdown converter included)
- Multi-national converters optional
- Optional on all units-9-12 VDC
- 100 mA idle-1500 mA-2.9A peak for full column printing
Mechanical external dimensions:
- Meets requirements of FCC Part 15-Class B
- 500-00 lines mean character before failure
- Large roll paper: 12.500 lines
Ademco 6220P security system parallel printer