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New datasym XR650 cash register hybrid pos system

* No hard drive means no external virus threats or system crashes resulting in loss of data and down time
* Environmentally friendly POS system using less power than PC based.
* Completely ROM based so upgrading is simple with no expensive hardware costs.
* Customized data collection ability
* Thermal printer furnishes a "clean receipt" and is easy to change
* 4 megabytes of memory allowing up to a 65,000 item file without adding any memory
The Datasym XR650 Hybrid POS System affordably priced with maximum functionality! Datasym POS, at your service, call (***) 265-9930 or email ****@datasym.com for more information.
Datasym s Grocery POS System was designed to satisfy the needs of the Independent Grocer.
Process HSA/FSA/HRA cards in your pharmacy with an easy to use cash register and enjoy full POS benefits.
You can find our POS Systems installed in State & Federal Parks, Tax Offices, Retail Stores, Gift Shops, Cafeteria and other Government Departments in the US.
Datasym POS Systems are the perfect fit for the Specialty Retail Market.
Datasym has spent much of the last two decades helping Beverage Retailers work more effectively and profitably.
Datasym has been installing POS Systems in the close-out market for over 20 years.
Datasym has thousands of POS Systems installed in leading bakeries across North America.
New datasym XR650 cash register hybrid pos system