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Sine cryo platinum-plated uk 13A wall socket outlet

Sine Cryo Platinum-Plated UK 13A Wall Socket Outlet
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* Top audio grade duplex receptacle
* Extra thick Platinum plating on Phosphor Bronze
* Done with Cryogenic Treatment
* Aircraft grade Aluminium Alloy panel (6mm thick) is employed in order to achieve a total insulation effect
* The easiest way to upgrade your products for optimizing Hi-Fi performance
-196 C Cryogenics are cool solution for optimizing Hi-Fi performance. Cryogenic Treatment Services provides a specialist cryogenic process for improving the performance of cables, circuit boards and other electronic equipment. There are substantial sonic improvements to be gained from the cryogenic treatment of the conductors of analogue, digital, loudspeaker and power cables. The most commonly used conductor materials for high performance audio cables are annealed copper with a conductivity rating of 100% IACS - the base standard, gold with a conductivity rating of 73.4% IACS, rhodium with a conductivity rating of 36.4% IACS and high-purity four-nines silver with a conductivity rating of 106% IACS. For more information, please visit >> http:// /html/cryo.html
Sine Cryo Silver Jumper Wires
Sine Cryo Neutrik XLR plugs
U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherland
Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway
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Sine cryo platinum-plated uk 13A wall socket outlet