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Unique 3 phase build a transformer converter & welder

Do you need to run some three phase equipment?
Have you bought a fantastic piece of industrial equipment for pennies on the dollar? But it s 3 phase?
Did you price the cost of bringing 3 phase to your shop. Pretty expensive, if it s available.
Do you have some 3 phase, 415 volt motors to run, but only have 240 volts?
Bankruptcy s have gone up and this means that people with too much overhead are getting out. If you ever wanted to expand your operation and pick up some new/used machines now is the time. But most of those machines are going to need 3 Phase Power.
Looking for a business to get into? These are scary times, but the best of times to get started. Strong people will survive! If they get layed off, they don t sit around and whine about it, they learn from it and start their own business. It s called job security. You can help these people because they will need 3 phase power to setup their own shops. Learn how to make converters and you can work out of your home, at your own pace.
Unique 3 Phase is truly unique! I came up with a way to run three phase motors with out using a rotary converter or complicated and delicate electronics. I simply took a method that was first used in the 1940 s, and adapted it to an easier to make system. I show you how to use a transformer to run three phase motors. This method offers many advantageous over the traditional rotary converter. It provides full starting and running power and uses less electricity. Plus if you need to run a motor at a different voltage then you have, it s no problem. Just select the right transformer, or even wind your own. Yes, that s right! I show you how to make your own transformers.
1. Learn all about transformers and where to find them, and how to recognize a good one for your use.
2. Learn how to modify the transformer to give you the proper voltage you will need.
3. Learn how to hook up capacitors and the theory of why they work to run a three phase motor.
4. I go over the start relay and how to modify it, and hook it up.
5. How to balance the motors and what is proper balance.
6. How to build a test board to control the capacitors.
7. Then we go into how to build your own transformer. We use an old motor and take the guts out. We can make any voltage and amperage we want.
8. I go into the running of high voltage motors. I call any motor high voltage if it is higher than your supply voltage. This means that if you have 240 volts and you want to run a 415 volt motor, that is high voltage. We need to build or modify a transformer to do that.
9. I also show how to build a rotary converter. I did that because there are times, with certain machines, that you will need a rotary. I built two rotary s and tortured tested them with various pieces of equipment. I measured volts and amps and filmed the whole thing so you could get an idea of what to expect with a rotary converter.
10. I also show you how to build a welder power supply. I had a little Home Depot welder that cost me about 90 bucks. It worked great for sheet metal but that was all. I needed more power so I made my own transformer and set the voltages so I could weld at 180 amps. I used the wire feeder part of the Home Depot one, but supplied my own juice from my own transformer. Worked great!
11. I show how to build a big extra large powerful battery charger. A couple of hundred amps if you need it.
Do you need to be an electrician to do this? The answer to that is no. But because you are working with voltages that could potentially kill a person or start a fire, I recommend that if you have doubts, find someone who has a background in electricity, and let him see the work you are doing. Have him there for the initial turn on. Most people will be happy to do that because they have never seen a transformer converter up close, and will appreciate the chance to be involved. This will allow you to do 95% of the work yourself.
We are running a three phase motor from single phase power, and also welding with the same home made transformer. Welding at about 180 amps. We could also make a huge battery charger.
Six hour DVD set visually teaches, while eBook give you 117 pages of written instruction.
Unique 3 phase build a transformer converter & welder