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Voice/data/tnc/echolink/cw/sstv/rtty/cat/civ adapter

This product is designed to provide digital or highly reliable voice communications to you with full compatibility and functionality to ham radio related sound card software.
Unlike the other products, easylinker is the easiest way to properly connect your radio to a computer, so that you may operate over 100 existing and futured ham radio sound card software programs.
This product is designed to work only through a radio s rear panel data jack connector. This makes it easy to establish the interconnections between your radio and your computer. However, Hi-Lo Technology Easylinker does not design the data jack on your radio, we do not control how that system operates. We only take sound in and out of the jack and control PTT through the jack.
Features of Easylinker Optical Coupler !Non Transformer !
1, Built-in signal level attenuation and amplification characteristics. Perfect support for hand-held radios and mobile stations (such as FT-7800, IC2720, etc.),
HF radios. The built-in sound level processor amplified or attenuated the sound from radios to avoid any less or over modulation, so ECHOLINK application is particularly noteworthy.
3, Built-in TNC circuit. A standard TNC, with transparent data transferring, support for advanced-development and application, the transfer rate support 110, 300, 600, 1200 BIT / S.
4, Standardized DATA/VOICE (6 pin)
port, suitable for most of the radios with a standard DATA interface, connectivity is very convenient, plug and play.
5, Standard air jack features. Support a variety of hand-held radio or non-standard interface, the mobile VHF , HF station, sets DATA, connectivity, wiring convenience.
To support the brand ICOM radio communication can be set to CIV. YAESU radio communication can be set for CAT.
8, High-quality aluminum enclosure. Supplied in a sturdy 2mm aluminum enclosure; no plastic pill boxes, sharp edges or plastic coated metal. Sturdy and durable, multiple oxidation process (non-painting processes), light weight and easy to carry.
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4,Standardized DATA 6 PIN Cable
5,Air Plug for Unstandardized DATA & Handheld Transcevier
OPTION: ICOM & YAESU remote control cable
English manual and Drivers: http://cid-1c3ac262c3f8ddac.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Documents Updated 6,April (you also copy and paste this URL to new window.)
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* The item will be delivered by Registered Airmail and stated as gift with lower price.
Voice/data/tnc/echolink/cw/sstv/rtty/cat/civ adapter