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2 wavetek hd-160 true rms digital multimeters

2 Wavetek HD-160 True RMS Digital Multimeters
and the other does not power up? I am unsure of components.
You should be able to cannibalize these and make one working meters
All specifications below would be after YOU repaired the meters!
A 4-digit, 10,000 count digital multimeter ready for the toughest of times.
The rugged HD160 is built by Wavetek to withstand a lifetime of abuse. Its rugged enclosure, environmental sealing and Electrician's Ever Sharptm test leads make this fully autoranging 4-digit, 10,000 count digital multimeter ready for the toughest of times.
One tough case seals the HD160 for good. It's made of Valor, the toughest material used in any DMM. This polyester plastic is superior to ABS, resisting petrochemicals and solvents, cracking, splitting and ignition. Then, O-rings seal the case to keep out the moisture, dust and grime inevitably found at any work site. The HD160 is built to last and endure. It's drop proof, contamination proof, oops-proof and more.
You work with hazardous, sometimes lethal voltages and your multimeter should work with you to reduce any potentially hazardous situations. Count on Wavetek to pack more safety features in the HD160 to protect both you and your meter. You can safely rely on the HD160.
A common multimeter failure occurs when measuring voltage with the test leads plugged into the amp jack. Incorrect Input Warning signals this error and helps prevent catastrophic failures.
In today's electrical world, troublesome problems, premature breaker failure and distribution panel overheating are caused by harmonics from nonlinear loads like switching power supplies and adjustable speed drives. The need for True RMS measurements is vital in locating problem areas. The HD160 delivers True RMS voltage and current measurements for accurate readings of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveforms containing problem harmonics.
Keep your eyes on your work - where they should be and Probe Holdtm will automatically record and hold the reading in the display for viewing later.
Keep working even when you're away... and let Auto Min Maxtm isolate the trouble by recording the highest and lowest readings in memory so you can monitor the problem over night and determine the cause. Auto Min Max records the entire range of inputs by remaining in the autoranging mode.
Work faster... by speeding up the repetitive measurements that you do every day. Use Auto Reltm or Range Lock. Auto Rel calibrates the meter to a user defined voltage and displays the difference between this voltage and subsequent voltages for very fast go/no go testing.
DANGEROUS VOLTAGE ALERT provides two beeps and a lightning bolt in the display to indicate inputs over 25V. This early warning system helps avoid shocking situations. And OVERLOAD ALERT will let you know if the input exceeds a range level or the maximum input level.
Occasionally, LOW BATTERY CUTOFF may blank the display. This prevents displaying false readings caused by inadequate battery voltage to operate the DMM's circuitry. Warning indicates 20 hours of operation remains.
High Energy fusing protects both current ranges to 600 volts. And Ever Sharptm safety shrouded test leads are designed to IEC 1010 specifications.
High voltage lines carry harmful electrical transients that can damage a multimeter. Special input protection circuitry reduces the damage caused by spikes and transients. A typical DMM only has protection to 6 kV. The HD160 goes beyond IEEE-587 standards, with 10 kV of transient protection across all voltage ranges! This is higher than any other hand-held DMM.
This meter works with you. Not all job sites are ideal. The HD160 has a WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE of -20 C to 55 C, so you can get accurate readings whenever and wherever you need them. Even in the dead of winter, the compact HD160 delivers accurate readings.
1, 10, 100, 1000 V, accuracy 0.25% rdg +1 count
AC Voltage (True RMS - AC Coupled)
10, 100, 1000 V, accuracy 1.5% rdg + 1 count (45 Hz to 10 kHz)
10 mA, 40 mA, 10A, 20A, DC accuracy 0.75% +5 counts, AC accuracy 1.7% +5counts (45 Hz to 1 kHz)
20 mV/mA (10 mA and 40 mA ranges), 0.03 V/A (20A AC range), 0.02 V/A (20A DC range)
0.25A @ 600V (40 mA input); 30A @ 600V (20A input)
1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 10M, 40 M Ohms
0.1 x specified accuracy per C, -20 C to 0 C
10 kV 1.2 x 30 us per IEEE-587, Cat B
Numerals 2/second, bargraph, 20/second
1000 hours typical, NEDA 1604 9V alkaline
Per MIL-T-28800 Class 2 Type A
7.6" x 3.2" x 1.6" (with holster) (19.3 x 8.1 x 4.1 cm)
2 wavetek hd-160 true rms digital multimeters