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Established turnkey custom adult website and domain

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This site has been designed with custom graphics and you will own 100% of it and have exclusive rights to it as it will not be resold anywhere else. All of the content such as promotional banners, live cam chat, toy store, on demand theatre, and videos are owned and managed through affiliate partners. I have used their tools to professionally design the on demand theatre and the other content tools you will see on the site that are used to promote sites so a lot of the content tools are very original looking and high-end and 100% match the design of the site!
Money Overview- You make $25-$75 per sale on this site which ranges from giving away a FREE Trial to a porn site or a FREE Signup to a Adult personals site. It s VERY easy to generate a solid income from this site, you re the good guy that s giving away free trials to porn sites! Everyone loves to get free porn, and the site is set up to help get your visitors clicking and signing up fast! All you have to do is promote the site, the site itself runs on autopilot!
for a FREE account, and you get paid $75 when they sign up and chat with the models!
Breakdown of Payouts- Due to the competitive nature of the business, I m not going to list all of the affiliate program names and types of programs that are running on this site here on this listing as that may take away some of the future owners advantage in the market. I m only going to list the payouts and the type of sale/signup that s involved. All of the partners are the biggest and best in the industry so rest assured you re in good hands!
Adult personals free signup- $75 per signup! I have erotic flash banners throughout the site promoting the personals site. I also have a high converting live sex page that has a geo-targeted map of women in your visitors area that they can hook up with that will convert tons of visitors and make you money! All of the banner models change on every reload of the site to keep the content fresh!
ALL porn videos on the site earn you $25-$30 for giving away a FREE porn pass! Your visitors will LOVE this! There are HUNDREDS of Free porn videos on the site that they can watch in FULL-SCREEN! After they watch the videos they can click on the screen and get a free porn pass, and you make $25-$30 for every free trial! The videos will keep them coming back for more hardcore porn!
Penthouse free signup- $75 per Signup! There s many sexy penthouse pet banners all over the site that guys can t resist clicking. You make $75 for every signup- the money will add up FAST.
Real-Touch Virtual Sex Device- $50 Sale! There are banners throughout the site for the new highly converting men s virtual sex device that let s men watch porn and actually feel what they re watching. It s the craze in the porn industry now and has high conversion.
Live cam instant messaging chat- 20% RECURRING revenue! I have set up a instant messenger that comes up on the home page to entice your visitors to chat with cam models. It runs on autppilot and leads them to a live cam show when they click on it, and than a free signup screen.
1) Bandwidth- You don t have to pay for your own server and HIGH bandwidth costs every month! - The affiliate partners host ALL the content on their fast load balanced servers so you don t have to worry about your site getting shut down due to bandwidth overages or bogging down your server resources.
Simple Economics- It s really VERY SIMPLE to see the reason it makes more sense to promote the big brands in the porn industry versus try to promote your own content.
If you promote the big brands you get paid between $25-$75 per signup or 20% recurring commission on all sales (flat payout or recurring rev depends on program) and you get to keep 100% of it ALL!!! There are no costs for overhead, except for a small hosting account that you can get for $50 a YEAR. And, there are tons of ways you can promote your site for free.
Reason for no income stats yet?
The site is FULLY LAUNCHED and ready to make money! I just put all the content up and officially launched the site about a week ago so I have no income stats yet. I did however upload most of the site graphics, and did some SEO work on the site about 6-8 months ago which is the reason it has become a PR1 domain. There was just no content on it yet until about a week ago ( As I mentioned earlier I took on to many projects and didn't have the time to finish the site until last week!) Now the site is finished and ready for it's owner to make money!
Note: I'm offering FREE INSTALLATION of the site to your hosting account if you want/need it, just let me know, otherwise you can install it yourself via the files I send you, there s nothing to configure- just upload the files I send you to your hosting account.
The site is currently hosted on my server and I can give the new owner 3 months of FREE HOSTING for the site if you need it. If you need to find a website host I can give you a recommendation. Please note that you can host the site anywhere you want, I'm NOT a webhost. I'm just offering a few months of free hosting on my server to get you started if you need it, otherwise you can get a cheap shared hosting plan for under $50 a year.
Thanks for your interest in the website Please feel free to contact us for any questions you have on the site and for the website address!
Established turnkey custom adult website and domain