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Gay puerto vallarta.com blog site PR3 work from home

Best Gay Puerto Vallarta.com for sale plus full functioning blog/magazine.
We do Internet Marketing and blog consulting and Social media consulting. So we are experts at what we do. Along the way, we built some LGBT travel sites of our own. They all do great in search and get good traffic. We just built more than we can manage! We don't have time to monetize them all. This site needs someone to go out and start selling ad space. It could easily generate a few hundred dollars a month - or more.
The site is 2 years old. Gets about 1600 unique visitors a month, with 2000 pageviews. It comes up one page one Google for GAY PUERTO VALLARTA. That's the biggest keyword. But on average, it also comes up on Page one of Google for 500 keywords every month. Last year, it got 22,000 unique visitors of people looking for PV information. I should easily do DOUBLE that. But we just don't have the time to maintain all of our sites. We currently now have 9 BEST GAY sites.
For a small "franchise" fee of $350 a year, the new owner can remain a part of our BEST GAY network. You own the site, you run the site, you monetize the site. The $350 fee will allow you remain a part of our network and PINK CROWN brand. We will share traffic and continue your site, under the agreement. PLUS, help you build the site to be bigger and better!
This site is ready to make money - it just needs someone to go out and start selling ads! OR, if you are a TRAVEL AGENT. Promote your own business here as well! You already have a captive audience of people looking to travel to PV!
You would get the domain and the blog transfered to your name. The cost to maintain those is $50 a year. We will also give you 1-2 hours of personal coaching. Teach you what we have done to this site and how to work within it. Analytics are already installed in site. RSS feeds as set up with Google/Feedburner. Everything is done for you. Everything will be transfered over to you. Traffic is already coming to read.
It can easily pay for itself in under a year!
Let me know if you have any questions! This can be a great side business and you can work from home!
Gay puerto vallarta.com blog site PR3 work from home