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Giant heart human anatomy poster/chart, 2 sizes

This 20 x 24 inches full color chart is a must have for anyone studying human anatomy from middle school students to medical students. These eye-popping posters are the perfect compliment to our line of Denoyer-Geppert Anatomical models and feature metal grommets for easy wall hanging.
This Set comes with ONE (1) Notebook Sized (8 1/2" x 11") copy of the chart. A Great Value!!
We also carry the notebook size version of this chart separately!!!
For more than a century, Denoyer-Geppert has been creating high-quality anatomical models for teaching and education. What makes Denoyer-Geppert models different is the level of quality which is incorporated into each and every product. Every model is handcrafted and painted with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Only the highest quality plastics, hardware, and paints are used to produce each model, they take such pride in their work that each model is personally autographed by the craftsman who made it!!!!
Denoyer-Geppert products are perfect for those teachers, doctors, and medical professionals that want an accurate, durable, and reliable product.
Giant heart human anatomy poster/chart, 2 sizes