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Hp agilent E1852B bluetooth test set refurbished

HP Agilent E1852B BLUETOOTH TEST SET Refurbished
The E1852B Bluetooth Test Set provides a low-cost solution with features needed to verify the functionality and performance of your Bluetooth devices, with the ability to control the device under test through its RF interface.
* RF Frequency Range 2402MHz - 2480MHz, 79 channels at 1 MHz spacing
* Frequency Counter Input Range 10 kHz to 15 MHz
- RF In/Out N(f), 50 (nominal)
- Counter In BNC(f), high impedance
- GPIB Connector, IEEE 488 Standard
* Bluetooth Host Controller used for high throughput manufacturing applications and as a development or service tool
* Establishes a link using standard Bluetooth protocol
* Fast functional test and performance test over the RF interface
* Measures key transmitter parameters of power, modulation, frequency error, frequency drift, and receiver sensitivity
* Perform critical RF measurements (with PC interface) like Initial Carrier Frequency Error, FM Deviation, Peak and Average Power and Bit Error Rate
* Additional features aid module calibration and diagnostics
* More detailed analysis and fault finding is possible using frequency versus time, power versus time, or power versus channel number
Note: This test set requires the use of a PC
(See product spec sheet for PC requirements)
Hp agilent E1852B bluetooth test set refurbished