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Make your own bottlejack 12 ton punch press plans cd

Space Saving and Money Saving Design
Build Your Own Mini Punch Press
* Made from commonly available Hardware Store Parts
* Made by using a small welder
* As demonstrated the punch and die are permanently attached by welding
* This is a NON-Removable Non-interchageable punch/die machine
* Great for small assembly lines
* Tested for 10,000 cycles without failure
* Able to punch Steel, brass, or aluminum sheetmetal easily
* Able to punch Aluminum Sheetmetal up to 1/16" easily
* Adaptable as arbor press, notcher, corner notcher, louver / louvre, planisher, small brake & more depending on the punch/die you choose
* Low Cost Design means you can make several - one for each punch size needed (each punch/die is permanently attached)
* For small objects as the throat is small allowing only a maximum 4" by 4" plate to be punched.
* This design is not for large sheets as the reach is small - you must cut your sheet into strips 4" x any length to feed through
* No electricity needed to operate punch press
* Pump the handle and feed your material in and in a matter of seconds you're done
* 3 designs shown 1) Easy 2) Intermediate 3) Advanced (advanced features shown give high precision)
You will be amazed at what a $35 bottlejack available at your local store can do with modifications. 12 tons is ALOT of force and certainly more than even some of the GIANT HEAVYWEIGHT presses can do. The difference is the BIG BOYS can punch large sheets rapidly while my DIY punch press is low volume and manually operated. For most small shops and do-it-yourselfers that is just fine.
Nobody is talking throughout the videos.
Let me say it again- the videos are fully edited and have sound but have no announcer. It is NOT narrated. The steps are pretty simple, and I show step-by-step what needs to be done by SHOWING you rather than talking about it.
Great addition to your home workshop.
This is a CD containing videos playable on your PC (CD requires installation first before videos will play).
No blueprints provided and none required. Videos are in non-technical style.
Beginner or intermediate skill required to build it.
Must be able to cut steel and weld.
Step-by-step videos show you how.
Cost to build approx $50 each (two models shown)
It is a CD containing videos that show you how to construct by cutting, welding, and more.
1) Making a hole in sheetmetal plate (maximum is 3" throat depth as shown)
2) The shape you punch out is what you keep
Some people think of this as keeping the positive or keeping the negative. Either way.
Bottlejacks are one of the hardware store wonders- a very precision tool for very few dollars. Use the efficient powerful mechanism to add a low cost high precision tool to your home workshop or small business. This small design takes up about the size of an upright shoebox. Small lightweight portable. Heavy duty construction.
1) Build a Mini Punch Press from an ordinary BottleJack
2) Harbor Freight Hand Punch to Tabletop Punch Press conversion
Enjoy making unique objects and saving money,
Make your own bottlejack 12 ton punch press plans cd