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New hauppauge pctv dvb-t flash stick nano 282E 23022

PCTV DVB-T Flash Stick Nano 282e
PCTV FlashStick nano (282e) combines a high-end DVB-T USB tuner with a microSD card reader and the TVCenter software on an included flash memory card.
Thus, no CD or DVD drive often missing on netbooks - is required for installation. Just plug-in and watch TV.
PCTV FlashStick nano is based on the most popular PCTV nano industrial design line. The enclosure features a slider mechanism, which protects the USB connector effectively. Thanks to this integration, there is no risk of losing a USB cap.
The integrated microSD card reader is fully SDHC compatible and provides uncompromised Hi-Speed USB 2.0 performance with microSD cards up to 32GB capacity. TV shows can be recorded directly to a plugged-in memory card, so you can always carry your favorite TV shows and movies with you and watch them on any computer.
The included all-new TVCenter 6 software makes it easy to watch, timeshift and record live TV. With its newly designed user interface it integrates smoothly into Windows Vista and Windows 7. It enables watching TV and recordings in full-screen or in a freely scalable window while working with other software.
PCTV FlashStick nano comes with a 2GB microSD card, a mini rod-antenna and a stylish mini remote control. In areas with weak DVB-T signal, the included MCX-to-IEC antenna adapter enables the connection to a rooftop antenna.
New hauppauge pctv dvb-t flash stick nano 282E 23022