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Stepper drive stl-055-04 copely controls stepnet

Stepnet Micro Module is a stepper motor driver in a 4
in2 pc-board mounting package that combines CANopen
networking with 100% digital control of stepper motors.
Power output is compatible with most NEMA 17 and 23 size
stepper motors. The small footprint is well-suited for desktop
instrumentation and enables motor drive, interface, power
supply, and control circuits to be combined on a single PC
Stepnet Micro Module can also operate as a stand-alone
driver taking incremental position commands from stepmotor
controllers in Step/Direction or CU/CD format, as well
as A/B quadrature commands from a master-encoder. Step
to motor position ratio is programmable for electronic
When fitted with an incremental encoder a stepper motor
can be operated as a brushless servo motor using Stepnet
Micro Module s Servo Mode feature, or as a conventional
Set up is fast and simple using CME 2 software operating
under Windows and communicating with Stepnet Micro
Module via an RS-232 link. CAN address selection is by
digital inputs or can be programmed into driver flash
As a CANopen node Stepnet Micro Module operates as a
Motion Control Device under the DSP-402 protocol of the
CANopen DS-301 V4.01 (EN 50325-4) application layer.
DSP-402 modes supported include: Profile Position, Profile
Velocity, Interpolated Position (PVT), and Homing. When in
Servo Mode, operating the stepper as a servo motor with
This is still in original box, never opened. Cost over $200.00
Stepper drive stl-055-04 copely controls stepnet