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Kwh "smart" power meter submeter 230V 50HZ 100A

BRAND NEW!!-230 Volt, 50Hz "Smart" Meter for Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, Africa, and most of the rest of the World!!!
NEW!!-This is a revolutionary **Smart Meter** at an extraordinary price!!!
Built-in data storage and RS-485 Serial Communication for reading kWh usage remotely!!
FREE PC, Linux and Mac software to read the meter kWh data remotely!!
Connect to your computer via 2-wire RS-485- - -Easy to connect 2-wire, daisy-chained network!
Watertight enclosures availableClick here to see details
This is a brand new kWh meter design, manufactured for EKM Metering, the most advanced type electronic KWH meter available on the market, model EKM-23IDS-N v.2. This is the 2 wire, 230 Volt, 50Hz, 100 amp, Single-phase version of the Smart Pass-Through Meter. They require 156 to 312 volts for operation. Installation is easy, since the meter is completely self contained, no external current transformers (CT's) or other extras as with many other electronic type meters. However, installation should only be performed by a knowledgeable, qualified electrician. The 2 "hot" service wires are simply passed through tubes in the meter housing (3/8" diameter, Up to #2 AWG insulated wire), and 2 screws are tightened to pierce the wiring to power the meter-less than 1 watt required. Installation and instruction manual included. Dimensions are approx. 3"w x 4"h x 2.5"d.
The meters have a non-resetable, 5 digit plus hundredths, LCD readout, and read directly in kWh, no conversion factors as with some other electronic meters. They also have built-in kWh data storage which is readable via a 2-wire (with ground) RS485 serial connection to your PC (connections A,B and G in the photo). In addition, they have a built-in PULSE OUTPUT, 800 pulses per kWh. They are perfect for remote and automatic meter reading (AMR) applications.