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New cma 66" low temp conveyor dishwasher 242 racks/hr

CMA Dishmachines 66" Low Temp Conveyor Dishwasher 242 Racks Per Hour CMA-66L
Full line of Commercial Dishwashers Available
Item: 66" Wide Low Temp Conveyor Dishwasher
* 242 racks / 968 covers per hour
* Economical to operate. Uses only .8 gallons of water per cycle.
* Four-stage washing process provides pre-wash, dual power wash and final rinse all in a 66" machine.
* Automatic soil purging system filters wash water and traps plate debris into an external tray. Tray can be easily removed for dumping contents.
* Brass rocker arm bearing (external longevity) newly engineered.
* All stainless steel construction offers durable performance and years of trouble free operation.
* Upgraded high load power contactors.
* Built- in chemical resistant industrial 10 KW heater is proven to be more durable than commercial style heaters.
* Large 19" high opening accommodates larger items and utensils.
* Auto start/stop makes operation simple.
* Includes table limit switch and rack saver arm that protect the machine, dish racks and table from damage.
* Two speed settings available for optimum cleaning performance.
* Built in Poly Pro scrap accumulator.
Specify direction of travel (left to right or right to left) at checkout.
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