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Police - "a policeman's prayer" laminated pocket card

This listing is for 1 New "A Policeman's Prayer" Pocket/Visor Card. This card has the following prayer written over a US flag background:
"LORD, I ASK FOR COURAGE- courage to face and conquer my own fears... where others will not go... I ASK FOR STRENGTH- strength of body to protect others, and strength of spirit to lead others... I ASK FOR DEDICATION- dedication to do my job, to do it well, dedication to my community, to keep it safe... GIVE ME, LORD, CONCERN- for those who trust me, and compassion for those who need me... AND PLEASE, LORD, THROUGH IT ALL, HELP ME TO REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE BY MY SIDE"
This Prayer card is laminated and measures 3.75" H X 2.75" W.
Custom Orders available! Also, Custom Department Logo Stickers/Decals made to order! Please send us a message for more information and pricing. All stickers/decals made with weather proof & fade proof material.

Police -