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Watts 3/4" LFN35BU-Z3 water pressure reducing valve

Series N35B is suitable for supply water pressures up to 400
psi and may be adjusted from 25 to 75 psi (172-517 kPa) delivery
pressure to the system. The standard setting is 50 psi
(345 kPa). Standardly furnished with a bypass feature, bronze
body, stainless steel seat and strainer. All parts are easily and
quickly serviceable without removing the valve from the line.
The bypass permits the flow of water around the valve back
into the main when pressures, due to thermal expansion on
the outlet side of the valve, exceed the pressure in the main.
*Water saving test program concluded that reducing the supply
pressure from 80 lbs. to 50 lbs. resulted in water savings of 30%.
l Single union inlet connection
(inlet and outlet) - Option DU
l Integral stainless steel strainer, removable when
l Renewable stainless steel seat
l Bypass feature for thermal expansion pressure
N35B - NPT female threaded inlet and
N35BU - NPT female union inlet x NPT female
N35BU-S - solder union inlet x NPT female
N35BDU - NPT female threaded union inlet and
N35BDU-S - solder union inlet and solder
When main water pressure exceeds 60 psi (413 kPa), an approved
water pressure reducing valve shall be installed to
maintain the reduced outlet pressure at 50 psi (345 kPa) or
less. The pressure reducing valve shall feature an integral
strainer screen serviceable by removing a single bottom plug.
The valve shall also feature a bypass for thermal expansion.
The bypass, replaceable seat and EPDM seat disc shall be
contained in a module to allow in-line servicing. The valve
shall be a Watts Regulator model N35BDU.
This item is not compliant with California's AB1953 or Vermont's S.152 lead laws and can't be used for drinking water installations in these states.

Watts 3/4