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Surgic xt plus micromotor implantology nsk

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Surgic XT PlusInclude : Micromotor SGL50M and Contrangle Ti-SG20L
Even Smarter with Advanced Torque Calibration and Brighter with Optic Illumination
With innovative Advanced Torque Calibration (ATC), NSK s smart surgical system gets even smarter. ATC allows the system to intelligently calibrate the micromotor to the optimum setting for each attachment that has its own resistance characteristics. ATC assures higher torque accuracy as well as safer and smoother operation during the treatment. Other notable advantages of Surgic XT Plus include the Cellular Glass Optic that effectively illuminates treatment spots and the micromotor effortlessly endures prolonged surgical procedures without significant heat generation.
-Powerful 50 Ncm torque and 210W hi-power micromotor
-Flexible Speed Control between 200 ~ 40,000 min-1
-Optic Brushless Micromotor with the Lowest Noise and Vibration Level
-User-friendly Simple Operation
-Up to 10 User-programmable Preset Memories
-Hands-free Operation via Foot Control Unit
-Automatically Calibrates Micromotor to Each Attachment
-Max.Output/ Max.Torque : 210 W/ 50 Ncm
-Power Supply : AC120V/ 230V, 50/ 60 Hz
-Dimensions : W268 x D230 x H103(mm)
-Motor Speed : 200 - 40,000 min-1
-Foot Control Functions : Speed Control, Coolant Control, Forward/ Reverse, Program Control
High Power 210 W Powerful Torque 50 N cmThe ratio of high power (210 W), high torque (50 Ncm) and the wide speed range (200 - 40,000 min-1) offers the flexibility required to meet exacting demands for all oral surgery procedures.
NSK Cellular Glass OpticsBy fusing multiple glass fibres into a single glass optic rod, NSK Cellular Grass Optic delivers 20% brighter illumination exactly to the spot you need to examine, allowing stress-free and precise treatment. The cellular rod will not deteriorate from repeated sterilisation and keeps its lighting intensity for longer period of time.
Advanced Torque Calibration (ATC) High Torque AccuracyEvery handpiece attachment has individual rotational resistance characteristics. To confirm the absolute precise speed and torque demanded for delicate oral surgical procedures, NSK Surgic XT Plus automatically calibrates the micromotor to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. Surgic XT Plus offers speed and high torque accuracy, plus safety, during operation.
Autoclavable & Durable Titanium Brushless MicromotorIn combination with its brushless design eliminating the need of carbon brush replacement, SurgicXT Plus is extremely durable and autoclavable at 135 C max.
10 Individual Program OptionsNSK Surgic XT Plus memorises 10 complete - High Torque Accuracy program options. Each program includes speed, torque, coolant flow, and rotation direction. Program settings continue to be stored even when supply power is turned off. Each program setting can be altered, even when the unit is in use. New programs are memorised simply by pressing the Memory key.
Large LCD Display for Instantaneous RecognitionAn easy-to-read large LCD display offers excellent visibility, showing the current status of the system, such as speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/reverse direction, gear ration, and program number. During reverse mode, intermittent beeps sound as a safety precaution. The bar graph shows running speed and torque as a percentage of the maximum setting.
Ergonomically Designed Grip for Comfort of UseErgonomically designed grip, together with lightweight and ideally balanced body, offers unmatched comfort of use even in a difficult procedure that takes a longer period of time. Features a compact and lightweight micromotor with solid titanium body.
SGM Series - Ultra Miniature Head with Latch Type Chuck
SGMS-ER20i - With Depth Indicator
2 types of Depth Indicator
(8mm and 12mm)
(8mm and 12mm)Place the depth indicator at the desirable drilling depth prior to use. The need to try to focus on the drill making is no longer necessary and clinicians can fully focus on the axial dimension

Surgic xt plus micromotor implantology nsk Surgic xt plus micromotor implantology nsk Surgic xt plus micromotor implantology nsk Surgic xt plus micromotor implantology nsk