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Thermostat, refrigeration, bi-metal, derwent R762-4500

Operating temperature 15 degC; differential 15 degC;
Model T3A auto-reset R762-4500
Defrost safety thermostat as used by many manufacturers
Rated to 25A 250VAC, 50Hertz with unity power factor
Normally closed connections (opens on temperature rise)
Fitted with two black RADOX125-insulated leads,1.5mm2, 4.0M long
Pipe-mounting for 5/8 diameter copper pipe
Mounting bracket also supplied
Manufactured by Derwent Thermostats, Gladesville, Sydney, Australia
Brand new, supplied in manufacturer s packaging
12-months manufacturer s warranty
These thermostats have the following features:
* Fully encapsulated in epoxy resin for protection from moisture or dust.
* They have been tested and certified for 250VAC with 25A current rating not to just 10A like the cheap equivalent imported thermostats
* Solid deep-drawn can made from nickel-plated copper
* No exposed terminals. Connections are made with insulated flexible connecting leads.
* Provide heavy-duty thermal protection (insensitive to current). Temperature sensing is achieved by surface-to-surface contact, such as attaching the front face of the protector onto a flat surface to be monitored.
* In order to sense temperature from a pipe, a range of thermostat front faces with different radii are available to suit this method of fixture.
* Changes in temperature are conducted through the metal housing and directly onto a bimetal disc which snaps over to operate a set of contacts after a pre-determined temperature has been reached. The protector automatically resets when safe operating temperatures are restored.
* Particularly suitable for clamping onto suction and discharge lines on refrigeration and air-conditioning compressors, or heat-exchange hot-water systems. They can provide defrost termination or overheat safety control, with good protection from weather, moisture or dust.
SPST single-pole single-throw, which make or break contacts only. The operation of the contacts are factory set so that they either make (normally open) or break (normally closed) an electric circuit on temperature rise, and automatically reset.
SPDT single-pole double-throw, with a change-over contact option. The common line is interrupted from one circuit and connected to another circuit simultaneously on temperature rise.

Thermostat, refrigeration, bi-metal, derwent R762-4500 Thermostat, refrigeration, bi-metal, derwent R762-4500