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New starrett 831C 53084 hole gage .300" - .400"

NEW STARRETT 831C 53084 HOLE GAGE .300" - .400"
No. 831 Series , Small Hole Gages and SETS, .300-.400" (5.1-7.6mm) Range, 3 1/8" (80mm) Length
Hardened ball measuring surface with two-point contact. Smooth, sensitive size adjustment. The contact surface consists of a split ball that is adjusted to size by a knurled knob at the head of the gage.
Final size thousandths of an inch is obtained by measuring over the ball contacts with a micrometer. Contacts are hardened for long life. Radius is less than the minimum diameter to measured, thus providing two-point contact.
Series 830 and 831 gages have ball contacts with flat ends, permitting shallow slots and recesses to be measured.

New starrett 831C 53084 hole gage .300