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Double sony 1/3" ccd 520/600 tvl waterproof d/n camera

This is a super high performance TRUE day/night camera with 2 CCD built in.
- For the video display, the day light wavelength and IR wavelength is different. on the market, most of day/night camera has only 1 CCD built in which can not able to provide the true image quality display.
- With the new technology - Built in 2 independent SONY CCD. the JE-5601 provided 100% true color display at the day time with color CCD and super clear picture quality at the night time with B/W CCD, both CCD working independently. this new technology resolved the issue which the regular day/night camera can not be.
JE-5601 - Day time resolution:
- 520 TV lines with 1/3 SONY color CCD (100% true color display)
JE-5601 Night time resolution:
- 600+ TV lines with 1/3 SONY B/W CCD. (crystal clear display)
Win a performance real Day/Night Camera
* Sony super had 1/3" color CCD 520TV Lines, for unbeatable picture clarity and vividness at Day.
* Sony super had 1/3" B/W CCD 600TV Lines, for unbeatable picture clarity and brightness at Night.
* Powerful 34 LEDs for superb night-vision, view - range over 200ft (60m), High intensity infrared night vision illuminators. Excellent for warehouse, home, schools, etc. safety protection,
* Large CS-mount lens for much better image quality.
* Heavy-duty aluminum alloy case, Vandal proof, Waterproof IP67.
* Camera uses standard 12V DC power and BNC video connection.
Sony 1/3" color CCD and Sony 1/3" B/W CCD
Color: 520 TV line , Black/White: 600TV line
Standard 8mm (6mm and 16mm no extra cost for option)

Double sony 1/3