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New 50 9" rubber tarp straps,truck/atv cover tie down

* Overall length is approximately 13" including the S-Hooks.
* Excellent stretch recovery.
* Good weather resistance and low temperature flexibility.
* Modulus @ 100% elongation...230-245 psi
* Elongation @ break...450% min
* Extension for 50lb load...100%
* Hardness...220 Vickers (min)
* Diameter of steel...4.5 millimeters (.178 inch)
* Tensile strength of steel...92,000 psi (min)
* Galvanized zinc coating...60 g/m2 (min)
CAUTION WARNING and SPECIAL NOTE CONCERNING THESE PRODUCTS: Use extreme care using these products. These straps are designed for securing tarp covers on trucks only. Do not use these straps as primary tie downs with any application using a heavy or unstable load. Straps shall not be used for any lifting, raising, lowering or suspending purposes. Maximum stretch not to exceed more than 50% of original length. Discard straps with nicks, cracks, cuts or any surface defects. Inspect each strap carefully before each tie down operation. Protect straps from damage from hot surfaces, sharp edges, abrasive surfaces and solvents! Do not replace hooks with hooks of inferior quality. Completely secure hooks during tie down. When pulling strap over the load always wear eye protection and keep other vulnerable body parts away from the potential rebound path. Ensure user is always working in clear space free from any moving vehicle or objects when fastening straps on a load. Improper use of these instructions will be strictly at user's risk. Technical properties are based on the manufacturer's research, however in every case we urge and recommend that purchasers, before using this product in full scale production, make their own tests to determine to their own satisfaction whether the product is of acceptable quality and is suitable for their own operating conditions. These products are sold without any warranty as to the merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose or any other warranty, expressed or implied.

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