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New 4000 psi hot water pressure washer 1 year warranty

NEW DESIGN: 12 V DC Burner, Electric Start Engine, Fully self powered mobile Power Washer
This is a brand new 2nd generation model. It is latest 12 V DC burner which does not need 110 AC power for ignition of burner. It has electric start engine which make your job faster and easier. It is real mobile and fully self powered hot water power washer. It can be operated at any place. Also there are one temperature gauge and one pressure gauge added on for better operation. Equipped with a trigger gun and pressure hose, this gas-powered pressure washer is the complete package for both commercial and industrial use. It features a powder-coated frame with wand / hose rack and 13 inch pneumatic tires that provide for great portability for use anywhere outside.
Hot water pressure washers are best at jobs where significant amounts of oil or grease are present or if some heat reactive substance is being cleaned. Typically, hot water units perform better than the cold water ones. The main reason is that they have a capability of heating up the water of up to 190 F. In power washing process the heat is the most essential element of cleaning. Heat and high water temperature combined create an abrasive action, which in combination with pressure washer chemicals emulsify the dirt, grime and tough stains while the water pressure loosens them and the water flow carries them away.
Retail price over $5,000.00 in the retail store
* 4000 PSI Max pressure (pre-set with 3000PSI Max setting. To get 4000PSI max, call our tech support to get instruction)
* Rated revolution: 3600 rpm
* Burner fuel: No.1 or No.2 heating oil
* Burner ignition type 12 V DC
* Burner Fuel tank: 10 Gallons
* Max. water temperature: 190 F (88 C)
* Chemical injection: Chemicals suitable for application
* Engine Model: Powerland PD420E (Electric Start)
* Battery pre-wired and installed
* Max. power: 9.6 kw (16 HP) / 3600 rpm
* Engine type: OHV25 tilt single cylinder, forced air cooling, 4 stroke
* Fuel tank capacity: 1.7 Gallon (6.5 L)
* Oil capacity: 37 fluid oz. (1.1 L)
* Start system: Electric / Recoil
* German parker U-packing
* Fixed rate chemical injector
* Bolt-on self suction unloader
* In-line water inlet filter
* Quick disconnect out let
* Dimension: 48.4 (L) X 32.5 (W) X 43.7 (H) inch

New 4000 psi hot water pressure washer 1 year warranty New 4000 psi hot water pressure washer 1 year warranty