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Amplify™ brand pure tungsten electrodes - .040"

High Quality Tungsten Electrodes from Arc-Zone
Size: .040" (1.0 mm) x 7" (175 mm), 10 Pack
AMPLIFY brand performance electrodes - Exceptional
quality electrodes that meet or exceed ISO 6848 and AWS
A5.12 standards. Make the choice and get the highest-
quality, best-performing tungsten electrodes.
This formula is a popular general purpose electrode due to the excellent arc
behavior and good tip life; however, this is a radioactive formula. Vapors,
grinding dust and disposal of thorium dioxide raise health, safety and
environmental concerns. Use only when contractually required by FAR
For consistent quality and performance choose Amplify brand
tungsten electrodes from Arc-Zone.
Using high-quality tungsten is especially important in TIG/GTAW welding
applications or a Plasma Arc Welding application where minimizing
variables and getting good service life from your electrodes is imperative.

Amplify™ brand pure tungsten electrodes - .040