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New dental unit symetry iq 4000 original hu fridey

This is a new product, comes in its original HU-FRIEDYpackage.
Symmetry IQ 4000 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler
Symmetry IQ 4000 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler from Hu-Friedy
Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company, Inc.
The Hu-Friedy Symmetry IQ 4000 piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling generator products feature a large-diameter lightweight handpiece and fiber-optic illumination for optimal ergonomics. Additionally, its state-of-the-art circuitry, touchpad controls and compact design improve practice productivity.
The scalers' dual irrigation system provide access to medicament and municipal water at the touch of a button. In addition, the Symmetry IQ 4000 offers an auto-purge feature that simplifies removal of residual medicament. Two self-contained fluid bottles and individual fluid controls further enhance the convenience and ease of use experienced with Symmetry IQ.
Hu-Friedy also offers a broad range of Symmetry Piezo tip designs to meet your clinical needs, including scaling, thin perio, curette style, and diamond-coated. S-Series tips are compatible with the Hu-Friedy Symmetry IQ generator line as well as all Satelec and NSK generators. E-Series tips are compatible with all EMS generators.
We have available 120V and 230V
How it works: this device generates ultrasonic vibrations intended for use in dental applications such as scaling, periodontal therapy, root canal treatment and cavity preparation.
Compact, lightweight device.
Three color-coded selectable and adjustable pre-defined power modes for a variety of dental procedures.
Easy to read digital display for trouble-free operation.
Convenient memory feature to store frequently used operational settings.
Fiber-optic handpiece to enhance visibility.
Lightweight, large diameter handpiece encourages a light grasp to reduce operator fatigue.
Soft, textured silicone finger grip for clinical comfort and control.
Autoclavable handpiece for infection control.
Durable, lightweight handpiece cord.
Two methods of irrigation are available (dental unit/city water and irrigation bottle). The selection of no irrigation is also an option.
Irrigation tube is isolated within the control unit to prevent solution from coming in contact with the electronics of the unit.
Two irrigation bottles for use with the IQ 4000 unit.
Easy to clean design to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.
Symmetry IQ Fiber-optic Handpiece
Symmetry IQ Fiber-optic Handpiece Cord
Spanner Wrench (5X8) 2 pieces
Irrigation Connector (AC 120V Only)
O-rings for irrigation bottles
Featuring Self-Contained Irrigation System.
Stand alone, large capacity (350 or 500 ml), irrigation supply allows for increased portability and use of medicaments. Switch to city water with the touch of a button.
Automatic purge function for ease of cleaning
Easy to adjust fluid controls for improved convenience and control
0-40 C10-85% relative humidity
500-1060hPa atmospheric pressure
Storage and Transport Conditions
-10-60 C10-85% relative humidity500-

New dental unit symetry iq 4000 original hu fridey New dental unit symetry iq 4000 original hu fridey